Love is a Battlefield

A thought born from rage, 

a decision made in haste. 

An action performed out of anger 

as a precious heart’s laid to waste.



Trembling lips blow out smoke 

from the fatal shot of words spoken, 

as the sanctity of ones promise 

is left shattered and broken. 



A soul stained with blood 

from that murderous shot, 

as the words enter the heart 

painful and red hot. 



A grieving face wet with tears 

and the others eyes filled with shame, 

as misguided emotions 

were most likely to blame. 



Jealousy, mistrust, 

insecurity and greed, 

from their tight grip 

some can never be freed. 



This emotional war we fight 

is brutal and tough, 

but as hard as some fight 

it is never enough. 



So what are left 

are the victims of this senseless war, 

leaving the survivors bloodied and broken 

and empty to the core. 



Words and emotions 

are powerful weapons and tools, 

so make sure you don’t leave them 

in the hands of loves fools….

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