I Dreamed of an Angel

The morning light breaks and my eyes open wide;

I feel the warmth from your body as you lay by my side.

I watch as you sleep so peaceful and serene,

resembling an angel or similar being.


Suddenly I am aware of a feeling deep within,

as a powerful desire starts to begin.

Hit with these feeling so quick that in fact,

I barely had time to even react.


These feelings were strong so true and spontaneous,

and the love that I felt was almost instantaneous.

A need for your presence comes from deep in my core,

uncontrollable emotions unlike ever before.


A wanting for your touch burns inside me like fire,

and a taste for your kiss full of love and desire.

But as I reach out to you for an intimate embrace

your gone in an instant without even a trace. 



The morning light breaks and my eyes are filled with tears;

no longer feeling your body’s warmth after all of these years.

I wake from my dream empty to the core,

as my longing for you is now stronger than before.


I know I am unable to believe the real truth,

how you were taken from me in the prime of loves youth.

My discovery of these emotions, and its powerful force,

were never given the chance to run its full course. 


Today I will watch you sleeping, not by my side but in this place,

where a granite markers now sits with your name etched on its face.

You become now that angel you resembled while you slept,

and that vision of you my minds always kept.


The loneliness I feel is immeasurable and deep

as I stand next to your plot and silently weep.

But I am thankful to have had you for the time you were here,

and the time we were together I will always hold dear.


Our moments will be treasured for the rest of my days

as I try to exist without you in this painful lonely haze.

So sleep well my little angel until it’s time for me too,

and they will lay me to rest right here next to you.

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