Silly Little Moon

You envy me so

With all of your might

You want to steal all my warmth

And extinguish my light


You covet my power

And my celestial role

You want to replace me

With all your heart and soul


You yearn for the control

Over the mornings and day

Your greed for more time

Has lead you astray


You try to block me out

Every couple of years

Unable to completely do so

It brings you to tears


You obsess over my fame

You detest all my praise

You despise my allure

And my warm loving rays


Void of any beauty

You feel dead and cold

Stories of your greatness

Will never be told


Forever chasing the day

You’re bound to the night

You will never be happy

Till you’re the only one on sight


Your quest to seize the day

Is useless and in vain

You’re stuck in your own orbit

That feeds your jealousy and pain


Your chance of replacing me as a star

Won’t be coming soon

For I’m the life giving sun


Silly little moon....

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