Masquerade of Humility

The face you now see

Is not really me

It’s a “MASK” I have found

When all I could do

was stare at the ground.


I put the “MASK” upon my face

In hopes it would replace

This pathetic insecure wimp

Who’s  stuck in a dark place


My “MASK” I use to conceal

How inside I truly feel

As the true self that I see

Is unbearable to reveal.


It’s this “MASK” you now see

That helps me forget who I am

gives me confidence and power

to be who I wish I could be


oh to be bold, confident and cool

not have to feel useless

and perceive myself as a fool


to be able to shine

through my dark inner core

to be free of my fear

and not feel embarrassed anymore


But until that day comes

And I see myself with love

I will wear this found “MASK”

as it fits me like a glove




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