Tortured By Love

Deep pools of heartache and sadness

spill from eyes like drops of liquid pain.


Contorted images of punishment and suffering

twist and writhe just beneath the surface

of a bruised and tattered form


Torturous memories

devour and feast upon the dead carcasses

of dreams and desires that once ran free

within a realm of innocents.


A heart held captive,

bound by chains of broken promises and lies,

held fast by the weight of fear and self pity,

complacent to the illusion of change.


The soul wanders lost within the mists of insecurity

as it searches frantically for that once loving hand

to lead it back into the light,

But only finding an angry fist

That forces it back into the darkness


How long must a nightmare continue

Before one can awake from its horror,

Or has this become the waking life

Of a content submissive


trapped within one’s own brutal reality 

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