Till Death Do Us Part

What is it with you?

Tiny little pill

That makes me crave you

Even though I’m not even ill


You have clouded my judgment

And infected my brain

The way I let you control me

I must be totally insane


I know I should leave you

Discard you for sure

But I can’t seem to shake

Your illicit allure


You always seem to know

How to make me forget

All the things in my life

That fills me with regret


You numb all my pain

And chase away my fear

You take me from my reality

And make everything disappear


How ironic it is

Although my mind is sedated

I feel we are as one

Both poison and encapsulated


I guess I must accept

You’re my companion for life

My life’s guilty pleasure

My 80 milligram wife


So forever we are bound

You had me from the start

Just one dose of your pleasure

So now it’s till death do us part


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem on oxycotin addiction (not mine Laughing)

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