Fallen from Grace

Fallen from grace,

No longer do I sit high upon the pedestal

That you had once put me

No longer am I seen as idol or mentor

Nor wanted as provider or protector

But now looked upon as an outcast

And banished from your heart


Betrayed by the one who now blinds you

With a veil of lies and deceit

That weighs on your young fragile heart

With heavy words of animosity and abhorrence


You have been trapped in a malevolent web

Of hatred and retribution

Used as an unwitting pawn

In a game of emotional chess


Your words of respect and adoration

Have been replaced by venomous accusations

Of brutality and oppression

Taught to you by the one

Who now holds the chains that bind your heart


But I will not be vanquished or deterred

By these attempts to falsify or dilute my love for you

I will be strong in my resolve and true to myself


I will not let these misguided asseverations

Destroy my confidence in knowing

That my spirit is pure and that one day

You will be able to break free from your restraints

And uncover your eyes

So you can distinguish the truth from the lies


Until that day comes I shall be waiting

Ready to stand next to you

As opposed to being on that pedestal

And walk down a new road with you

As your friend and equal

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written during a long and ugly custody battle many years ago.

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