Excuse Me for Speaking

I said you were hot

You told me you were not

I told you that you were fine

You said it was just another line


I said that you were pretty

But you thought I was giving you pity

I said that were cute

You said that point was moot


I tried to give your beauty praise

But you’re to set in your own ways

I tried to point out your loveliness

But my attempts you only dismissed


How am I to express to you

What my eyes truly see

The vision of exquisiteness

That now stands in front of me


I just merely want you to know

And the only way I know to show

My adoration and physical attraction

Is with this verbal course of action


But you turn my words around

Or just glare without a sound

Act as if I’ve said something offensive

And start getting all defensive


My feelings would be easier to pitch

If you didn’t act like such a bitch

So excuse me for even speaking

I guess I wasn’t thinking


I now know your beauty is only skin deep

Because you always seem to resent

Every time someone tries to pay you 

A simple honest compliment

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