Burning embers

Burning embers flicker like fireflies

Aimlessly buzzing the night skies


Beautiful hands of flame

Reach out to caress all that is within reach

Intimately embracing tree and shrub

With molten hot arms


Kissing flowers and licking grass

With its searing tongue and fiery lips

As it breathes its scorching breath

Of loneliness and desire

Into the noxious smoke filled air


Charred remains

Are left smoldering and lifeless

In the wake of a ravenous appetite

For passion and closeness

That it can never feel


But greedily engulfing and devouring

Everything in its desire to be held close

Until it has consumed everything

Including the life giving air needed to sustain it


Reducing it to a single starving flame

That is finally put out of its misery

By a merciful last breath 

Of a dying wind

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