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Hmm I dreamt you last night.

How my sardonic subconscious tricked me,

Animating old images of you 

I was enticed by sight


There was the sound of some soothing music

And I steered on, moved by this Siren 

Intoxicated by the mimickry

Your voice, your hand gesture, aye idyllic!


Forged letters it handed to me made my shoulders weakened, 

I tucked them away in my inner books. 

It felt like soft light from a setting sun 

With a growing intensity, "Give me more!" I beckoned


But what more can be given from an eidolon?

Right before I floated on towards awakening

In that fine line bathe in warmth I sensed it

I sensed the rocks where I will be left undone


But now I am ready for work and I laugh and say to myself,

"Haa I dreamt you last night,

And look how silly I acted!" 

But all is forgotten of how the subconscious tricks itself

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