Icy Cold Day


I am the child you don’t want to see.

It seems time has erased me from your memory

On that icy cold day when my world fell apart,

Why oh why does it seem you shunned me from your heart?

You neglected to see past that angry young man,

And the child you knew…left alone…up and ran.

He remembers the times that were spent so carefree,

And the times that you gave all to us so freely.

All the shame that you bear from your past makes you mean,

And you wallow in what you call "living so clean".

So I’ve waited inside this dark cell for a day

When a kind soul would hear of what I have to say,

But of all of the people that said that "I care",

Out of all of the people that said "I’ll be there",

You were never a person that I would have thought,

Would believe all the lies and forget what you taught.

Did you not always say to be brave and stand tall?

Did you not always preach to "get up when you fall"?

Did you not tell me "don’t ever show them your pain"?

Did you not say that time will bring sunshine to rain?

All those things that you said I have tried to pursue,

But confusion sets in when I’m talking to you.

Cause your ways hold the secrets of why you let go

Of that child that caused you all that "heartache and woe".

You are locked in a world,

That has little to do,

With how easy pain is when God carries you through,

It’s as if you allowed one to take it away,

And you had nothing left but yourself and your way,

You have been so engulfed by the things in your life,

And left God far behind

As you bathe in your strife,

But inside my world here His Love shines brightly through

All the promises broken by others …..and you,

And He’s carried me every inch of the way,

And He’ll carry me through this here "icy cold day",

Til His Love comes to melt all the hatred away,

From the hearts of the people that wronged me that day.

No resentment lives here in this cell…be aware,

There’s no bitterness here, so come in….if you dare….

Cause you’ll yet have to face all your own lies within,

He can’t wash them away unless you see

The sin you committed

The first time you listened to lies

Tthat caused you to turn blind

To your own soul’s demise.

Have no fear from the child you left far behind,

Cause that angry young man’s only there in your mind.

Though alone he has come through the storm, found His way

With feet firmly in place, grounded strong here today,

But one dream he still holds very close to his heart.

It’s a dream that young boy wanted badly to start.

And the dream was that people like you that bend ear,

To the gossip and lies that feed hatred and fear,

Will be kind to the children that stand in your way,

Cause they probably have more profound things to say.

Please believe me, they wouldn’t be hanging around

Some adult that chose lies as their favorite sound.





And of all of the people,

That said

"I’ll be there…."

…..never once, did I think …

….you would ever run scared.



2002 …©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the increasing crime rate of American juveniles, and the society hat raises the parents who neglect them.

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