When We Embraced

Oh when we embraced

I found bright Springtime colors.

The songs deep within me,

they all came to play.

And when we embraced

you restored all the glory.

The words of love spoken,

I came there to say.


Clear light became present,

and faith, it prevailed.

I praised all the comforts

of peace meant to share.

With arms there around you,

I'd known I had found you.

The fragrance of freshness

blew free through the air.


For when we embraced,

we embraced there a promise.

Sweet love everlasting,

as always to be.

And when we embraced,

Heaven's light beamed upon us.

The grace, dear, within you,

I came there to see.


Divine nature's beauties

to glow in the sun's light,

revealing the blessings

of all that is true.

With arms there around me,

I'd known you had found me.

Alive be the love

when I hold it with you.

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