love among

*take me to the moment* (love among)

oh take me to the moment...far beyond this place and time.

lead me through these your light that comes to shine.

for i am a believer in the songs we hold within.

only love among us...only love to bring us in.

aflame, now all desire...through these streets that lead to you.

a place i so admire...comes to fill the dreamer's view.

of wonder be the splashings of love's plunge into your heart.

a spinning of my passions to await you after dark.

oh take me to the moment...that of tenderness and faith.

come burn me off the wanders with the shackles on my grace.

for i am a believer in the longings turning free.

only love among us...for as far as i can see.

in bloom, now all these flowers...down the pathway 'neath the sun.

a view that must confirm my love as one.

such hungar for the moment, to enclose us like before.

oh take me to the moment...take me there forevermore.

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