Ocean blue eyes and a grace set to glee,

constructing her tunes through our travels at sea.

Gazing afar, shooting notes at a star, (sending notes to a star)

lending new verse to her moonlit guitar. (lending a verse to her moonlit guitar.)

Uplifting our hopes through sweet movements within.

Conducting her gift for her salties of men.//dearest of friends

Sailing us on through harmonious light.

Keeping us strong through our wandering night. plight

Conditioned her play, full of passions in key.

Raven black//honey blond bangs swayin' sideways and free.

Tracing the waves; echoed ripples of sound;

our songs out at sea, 'til the anchors hit down.

Well, we'd found her near dead in a war north the shore,

by the pound of hell's drum through the pearls and gore,

seeking escape from the ones who'd controlled,

dark pirating ways; all life's glitter on hold.

Seeking escape from the ones who'd been sold...on the pirating way; all love's glitter, of gold.)

Her songs there, kept silent through laws of the land.

Through fires, we saved/pulled her, and sand storms at hand.

Those shackles, we cut them, our blades set her free,

unchaining her songs for our music at sea.

Our lady of the sea,

oh, our lady of the sea!!

Oh, our lady who sings!!

Oh, our belle how she rings!!

And, oh how in peace,

through each night we will be!!

Confronting her vibes,

through our travels at sea!!

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