Oh, what do you see when you see into me?

Do you see both a guy and a child?

And is it all clear when I'm wanting you near?

Are the fields of love growing wild?

Oh, what does it mean, you with me in a dream?

Is this only a place here within?

And is it to fade, all this time we have made?

Are you leaving me blind once again?

Don't tell me it can't matter.

Don't ya tell me it's too late.

There's nothing here to shatter,...

so should nothing come to break.

Don't tell me it means nothing.

Don't ya tell me it's a lie.

The truth, it still means something,...

don't ya say it can't apply.

Oh, why do I write in the depth of the night?

Is this only a place out of view?

Spelling things out, lost inside of my doubt.

Guess I'm only here writing for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A love poem.

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