Love's Alive Throughout Our Senses

Love's alive throughout our senses,

while our thoughts, they're well at ease.

We've arrived to splendid gracings,

and fresh fragrance on the breeze.

Now they're present, all the blessings.

We're aware by how we feel.

Life has found us both together,

here to share a love that's real.


Love's alive throughout our senses,

where clear colors shine among.

Bright the setting that's around us.

We're in tune to bliss and song.

Hope in sunlight has awakened,

as our faith flows free within.

Artful glories, how we've traced them.

In love's promise, where we've been.

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Stephen's picture

Elegantly stated.


new_wave_franky's picture

I sincerely appreciate your kind words...

Thank You so much, Stephen, as I sincerely appreciate your kind words, and the time you took to read this. I'm just glad that you found my poem worthwhile, as it means a great deal to me. Take care, and thanks again for your uplifting comment.



August 6, 2019.