by these beauties that I see,

for I have found the sweetness

of your tenderness with me.

And though quite lost in shadows,

for so long I'd been before,

you now have placed bright sunlight

down my path to be instore.



now such hope with you is here.

The glory of your presence

well aglow and in the clear.

Today's the perfect reason,

dear, to praise each rose in sight.

My prayers, they've now been answered.

You've placed love into the light.

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Stephen's picture

Very elegant.


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Thank You so much, Stephen...

Thank You so much, Stephen. Your kind words truly mean a great deal to me. I'm so glad that you came to view my work in a positive way, and I highly appreciate the time you took to read my poem. Thanks again, and take care.



July 22, 2019.