To Shine Now The Beauty

To shine now the beauty

in love's glowing promise,

among all the blessings

of comfort and grace.

So touched now our senses,

with sunrays upon us.

The warmth of the moment,

we're now to embrace.


Our eyes now to see

deeper into the meaning.

Our eyes now to see

into cleansings anew.

Clear now to me,

all these ways that I'm seeing.

Clear, dear, to me,

all my love meant for you.


To shine now the beauty,

and all we believe in.

We share now the glories

of peace in the light.

So moved by the music,

while song fills the season.

Complete inspiration,

you send into flight.


For all is to be

that of hope clearly present.

And all is to be

that of faith ever true.

All now to shine;

ours a scene brightly pleasant.

All, dear, to shine,

heartfelt love on the view.

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