I Came To Find You Dreamy

Well, I came to find you dreamy,

with a warmth of healing touch,

taking comfort in the feelings

that swept over me so much.

For a gentle peace within me

now's to flow through all I've found.

How I came to find you dreamy,

dear, the day you came around.


I'm at ease through each emotion,

here beneath this glowing sky.

I'm to praise the bliss so fair here,

where love's colors shall apply.

'Cause our songs of hope and promise,

they're now playing in the light.

Scenic glories all the while,

rising spirits into flight.


Yes, I came to find you dreamy,

where reflections oh so clear

came to shine through festive visions,

as your grace, it did appear.

And this joy throughout my senses

now brings forth a waking vibe.

Dear, I came to find you dreamy,

when I found you by my side.

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Stephen's picture

Nicely crafted poem.


new_wave_franky's picture

Thank You so much, Stephen...

Thank You so much, Stephen, for both reading and commenting on my poem. I really appreciate your kind words in relationship to my work. Take care.





(September 14, 2018.)