Dreaming Mellow

Oh, I've been dreaming mellow of a tender, soft embrace.

The roadway to your presence be the pathway into grace.

'Cause where so shines the glory glows within you clear and true.

Yes, I've been dreaming mellow that my path will lead to you.


Just a dreamer here in waiting, somewhat shaken by the thought

that a dream of love without you seems the lone one that I've got.

But that could change so quickly should I find you by my side.

This hope for love's true cleansings, may it never be denied.


Oh, I've been dreaming mellow in this place quite far away.

I just need to find you present for the songs I long to play.

All of dreams, dear, to awaken, should life dearly find you here.

Yes, I've been dreaming mellow that I'll someday hold you near.


Just a dreamer with a heartbeat, and a prayer to share anew,

this love within my being that so longs to be with you.

To come to praise the beauties in your sweet, angelic glow.

Much more than just a dream here, should you somehow come to show.

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