As Once I Stated Prior...

As once I stated prior,

I suppose I need to change.

As once I stated prior,

master plans seem outta range.

Gotta probe this current setting.

Need to alter discontent.

Breezy vibes I've been addressing.

Lonesome songs I'll represent.


It remains my destination,

to embrace what shall endure.

May we rise through jubilation,

then emerge in all that's pure.

There's such promise brightly glowing,

where hope shines within a glance.

Summer blessings for bestowing,

fills your verse of sweet romance. 


As once I stated prior,

my true secrets kept at bay.

As once I stated prior,

never too late, dear, to pray.

Swept away the flock of sparrows,

that inspired sonnet rhymes.

On display the broken arrows.

In the air the church bell chimes.


'Tis of wine and song quite timeless,

ode to visions, not to tire.

Summer soul it will refine us.

Praise warm passions by the fire.

For those tunes of heartfelt glory,

they play freely in my mind.

Bring new chapters to my story.

Speak of faith we'll intertwine.

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