On the Outskirts of this Valley

On the outskirts of this valley,

there's a place among the trees,

filled with red and yellow flowers, 

and sweet fragrance on the breeze.

And it serves as a reminder,

where we shared our last embrace.

Life's reflections glowing passion,

found my presence by your grace.


Up this roadway I go walking,

for the sake of finding true,

one more reason why the season

always calls me back to you.

And if only in my thoughts, dear,

still the meaning's just as clear

as the days I felt your heartbeat,

when I came to hold you near.


It's an ever present notion,

here to ponder on the flame,

though the heart of this emotion

calls for cleansings in the rain.

And though now to be in hindsight,

songs of love for always true,

it remains my timeless vision,

here to keep them all anew.

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