Trail Down My Stairs

  There's a trail of orange peels

running down three flights of stairs.

  Where does it go?

    Nobody knows...not anymore.

  It seems like I should say,

    'Let's go do something...anything'

  It's so boring here.

  Let's do something constructive.

  I tried to do something constructive.

  Then I remembered that there

       is nothing constructive anymore.

  Not for us.

       I tried to say 'Hello',

       But that was too many words

               for you.

  I remember standing on the balcony

       As you stood below.

               You would say so much then. such luck.

               I stood forever last eve

       Up there.

               As you passed

       I called your name.

               But it might as well have been

       some other's

               for all the attention you paid.

  There's a trail of orange peels running

               down my stairs


             You always liked oranges.

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