this is a poem called I.T.

caus eno matter how smart the EYE be

brain fed through I.V.

no matter how clever or slight

we might BE

apart, like "why me?"

BIG heart, like Migh TY
joe young

slap thigh knee


Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes i get stuck on a logic problem for days.. a team weeks

weeks.. a tema months

months a team years

i focus as much rage as i can

onto the wall between

problem and solution

doubt feeds me

fuels me


and i have yet to be stopped by any dream

until i met those god damned occupiers

who spoke things and dreamt

of other things


i hate sales

because to be good at it one must

bend truth

and bending truth in the mind

makes defeating

impossible technological challenges

more difficult

problem solving means

giving infinitely of yourself

to the problem

squeezing years

into moments

and fueling problem

solving with pain

right nwo i am working on three problems

i have solutions

but i want the most

elegant ones
to prevent future problems

modularly plan

in five year increments

thats what they trained me to do
bourne had it so easy
with guns

imagien if you had to solve every problem

in existence with a cell phone and


one day they made me wear workman clothes

to increase my invisibility

at work

it had an effect they did not anticipate

withotu a suit i had no identity

muslim  wore them my whole life

the first time i wore a pair of sneakers outside a gym class

i had already graduated high school

i wear them at work now for the second time ever i think

i am not writing i am working

in my mind

even as i type

so these are my author's notes
to make everything have no challenge at all

is my challenge

the world is a system
and reality has no doors

a long distance race

shorter with will

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