these feelings that flow from within.. snatched like falling feathers from the soft wind that surrounds me.. they twist and turn inside of me.. whispering as they flutter beneath my skin..

like elves in twilight they work inside the shelter of my soul, constructing great mosaics from the many colored hues of the fragments of childood dreams..


their pace fast and furios.. new worlds and places appear magically upon the canvas of my minds eye.. images that fill me with the memory of ur caress.. the hint of the scent of you.. the sound of your sigh in my ear..


with a voice that shapes the world around me i sing the song of your shape.. my words flying from me as the winds of a tornado.. whirling around me.. their fury singing my skin as they spiral upwards and outwards..


the sound of the deafening wil ripples across creation as i sit calmly in the eye of the storm of the realization that you are on the other side of this storm of passion..


sleeping giant within me uncurls with a quit growl.. stretching arms out as wings unfurl.. hands of the spirit with the strength of a thousand loves unheld reach out into my consciousness..


i step forward emboldened by my true self now awake and aware.. heeding the call from its ancient master.. i stretch my hand thru the words that try in vain to describe the intensity within…


my hands reach through these words and feel their sting as they whip around me.. thrusting deep into the storm and through it to reach you..

they carry along with them my form alive and breathing.. the tear of god given flesh and breath i step through that wall of words to become a storm of passion wrapped in the tender skin of a lover..

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