the power generator on my block exploded in flame..

the fires of its oil lit up the night sky..

sleepers loss is my gain.. i regret to inform you all that i wont be writing here anymore for a long time.. i will post the few that i wrote yesterday that Yahoo wouldnt let me post but thats it..


i was going thru a seperation when i first started writing this.. a situation where i couldnt express my thoughts in life so instead let myself be known…


but my hatred of words has reached its breaking point..


for years now my life has always held more to it than my dreams.. my actions more than my words.. this brief time has been enlightening for me..


you see these were never poems.. never written or planned or thought.. just the actions i couldnt do given life instead.. each one 20 seconds of thought given a voice..


to anyone who wants to know what they are undiluted.. i live and breath and exist on this world here and now.. look for me say hello be known..


tire sooooo much of delay betwen thought and deed and have tried it this once to see how life was for those who dont express first and question later..


truth be told.. i hate it.. i am going back to the non-writing boycott i have been on for years..


this world is sshort.. death is at the back of ur neck at all times.. to know the passion of words is fine and true but the weak diluted passion of my own words has stared me in the face and this parent is proud of their effort but instead shall slay the artists heart that allowed them free reing to spill from fingertips when instead the sun flame furnace heat of touch calls out even more to be felt..


i am soooo sorry to anyone who truly wanted more of my words.. send me an email if you want me to write more.. and maybe ill do so..


if anyone wants to talk to me im around on facebook and like the whole world has my phone number..


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