Natural Composition

Natural composition

Forming melodic precision

Embodied in your stance

And in your subtle glance

I crave to see you at every chance

Your company is my mission


A thought to glimpse your face

Provokes my heart to rattle and race

Your presence; my twilight

A smile that trumps the sky's light

The day now has its highlight

Your tone is one of love and grace


How long have I been counting?

Days that are mounting

Yet no paradox I see

For love that craves your company

Convicts the waiting, perjury!

Time locked away amounting


Alas the time is near

The joys of which will soon appear

To know you in that way

To see you everyday

To rest on every word you say

I love  you more today my dear





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lol... oh shit... i hope this

lol... oh shit... i hope this gentle delicate articulate impression, emotion lasts perpetual... as they say... though experience and observation argues otherwise... still, as a bitter cynical almost-40-year-old... i did enjoy the flow of your poesy... write on, kind sir/miss... write on!... and I shall read softly.