Those eyes

Those eyes are playful, yet carry serious secrets
Those eyes tell you everything, yet tell you nothing about that person
Those eyes wish to get to know you, but yet don't care about you at all
Those eyes know what's right from wrong, yet don't care enough to judge

Your eyes said every comforting word, but you never said it out loud
You talked to me with your eyes, yet your body, your mind, your spirit betrays me
Your eyes have talked to other women,
So why am I surprised when they talked to her, and her, and even her too?
How did I think you loved me,
when your eyes showered me with affection, but your body held so much hatred?

If your eyes truly did all those things, and not your body, your spirit, your soul, you heart,
then I believe I loved your eyes, and not you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my own poem I made a while ago.

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