sunset time

sunset is the time...
when the sun sinks in the sea
sunset is the time
when the moon is about to appear

it is the time when the clouds fill the sky
and by the time the sun says bye..they start to disappear

it is the time when birds to their nests fly...
going to their trees saying good night

some people are in love with that romantic scene
while it brings to some others a dreadful fear

some people think that sunset is the time for the end
and it reminds them of time of death..
as the sunshine is no longer there...
and this scene brings them scare
it is the end of the day..the energy and sunrays
it is time to say bye to sun,clouds and birds in the sky

on the other hand ...few people rarely understand
the scene of sunset...and the beauty in watching it

they think it is romantic and sweet
and in that time they would always like to meet
the sun sinking in the sea
taking pictures untill it finally disappears
they love the view of the beach
and they deeply think that sunset time is the best scene

sunset is when the beauty of the nature clearly appears
it doesnt reveal death or end of life
it reveals hope cuz sun tomorrow will again rise

it is a true romantic scene...and the most pleasant time to describe how you feel
and then, the sun says "bye"...and the moon comes to say "hi"
the shining of stars in the sky finally arrive..accompanied by their sweet moonshine

sunset is not the death of the sun,
but it is the begining of a new life
it is just time for 12 hours at night...
to wait for the newborn of a new daylight!!!!
and that's what they call it the "SUN RISE"

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