i will keep loving u in more than a way

ve me in a way or in many ways
as long as love's runnng through ur blood,running throught ur veins
that glow in ur eyes..gives me hope
the smile on ur face ...tells me how to cope
cuz in every single word u say...it makes me freeze and takes my breath away..
the butterflies in my stomach wont stop
cuz passing by u gives me heart shocks

that feeling is sweet that feeling is great
crushing on him makes u feel so amazed

standing tall,hanging on ..even that 1 percent keeps u holding on
your feelings are pure and also sincere
thats the best way that a relationship should be

dreaming about him everyday...makes u love to sleep and never wake up again..
BUt when it comes to real and u open ur eyes , u see the truth lying behind ,
take a step forward...and make a move
stay stong and show them ur proof
do the right and dont stop..
cuz maybe it will be too late when ur stuck and see them moving away

know that ur love is innocent and clear,when u think of them by no means of fear
get them closer and make them feel safe
love them more and force them to stay
or else kiss them a goodbye...and watch their shadows fade !!!!

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