i can do it

i believe i can do it better
i believe i will succeed
i believe i'll achieve my dream and be set free
i believe i'll move on no matter what happens
i'd better be confident or else i'll be nothing
i'd better be strong or else i'll be forgotten
i believe that i can move a mountain ,
and i can break rocks !!
i'll do whatever i want and dont care about whoever mocks
i wanna to be free , i wanna be me and screw the one whom i used to be
starting from now no one can ever control the person who i choose to be
it is my life and i will live it .wrong or right i will still live it
And ur advice is not for me to give it
i will never get weak ,i will never bend on my knees
u robbed my character from me , but am no longer naive
YES.it is the new me !!YES.it is the free me !! YES.it is the one whom i wanted to be!
YES.there will be revenge!!YES.there will be pain!!YES.there will be what u call it sorrow and scare!!

there wont be anyfor me !! but YES YES YES !!

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