You think.

You think you know me?

You think you know how im feeling?


If you only knew.

If you only knew im barely holding on.


How close to the edge i am.

How tired I am of the fights.


Tired of the tears and angry.

 Tired of the fights.


Missing the kind man i once knew.

I used to be so madly in love with you.


Where has the love gone?

Why has it walked away?


Is it burried? How deep?

Ill dig and dig till i can reach it again.

I have walked a thousand times for you, but you cant see it.


You think you know it all, how im feeling, what im thinking,

what i last ate?


You know nothing but what your guessing.

How dare you. You dont have any right.


Im so tired.  You think. 


Maybe you should think, cause then you would truely see 

what is wrong with me.


You think. 

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