please love me.

Im stuck here siting on my words, terrified of how they will come out.

Wrong again and again, stepping on my tongue.  I wish i could explain the right way.


Yet instead here i am whallowing in my miseriy. Wishing i could get through to you.

The one i loved so deeply, cuts me so easily. Making me second guess it all.


Which then drives me mad. I know how i feel, i know i love you day in and day out.

I dont question that at all. im confused by the bad days, the yelling, the constant rudeness that

has become the norm.


Where has the love gone? Where has the passion gone?

Where has the understanding and concern gone?


Would you even miss me at all? If i said goodbye cruel world?

Or would you feel happiness that the room was silent at last?


Why am I allowing you to treat me this way? 

Why am I not fighting back anymore? Im so tired of this pain.


Yes i have hurt you and destroyed you over and over,

but i feel its your turn. Im just a human punching bag.


Im not allowed feelings, Im not allowed faith,

Im not allowed to beg God for a new and brighter day.


Please God if you hear me, bring me happiness.


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