They tear at my sleeves.

They tear at my sleeves, they reach out and grasp me.

Maybe they can finally have me, the sweet innacent one.


Take my innacence, take my tears, take my air.

Nobody hears the screams, they ignore the begging.


They rip my blouse, they pull my hair, as they force me to swallow.

Take my air, steal my breath, make me silently beg for you to leave.


You are suppose to defend yourself they say, but they dont understand.

You are so scared, your body goes limp. 


What have you done? you let them have you, what have you done?

Did you enjoy it, stealing my joy? 


Oh you stupied little boy, you vicious older man,

why did you hurt her? Stealing every smile away, every good day.


Now shes turned into a damged adult, secretly praying to change.

But she knows she trapped inside, going to become a monster, that 

shes forced to hide inside. 


They tear at my sleeves, they are now choking me, now i enjoy it,

the pain as it tinges my skin.


God let the abuse begin.  A sad adults sin.


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