Kingdom Lost

Life was hilarious next to her
Hard laughter
Belly aches
She had a great sense of humour
Excessive at times
But always cute
Black queen taken for granted
By her king
Thought myself omnipotent
Mingled with the subjects
Mixed fluids
Entered flesh
Lost myself in the recesses
Of foreign thighs
Got many highs
I came hard...
With each discharge
My foundations grew weaker
Convinced myself
That my reign was the sturdiest
That my step was the steadiest
All lies
Warped mind distorted reality
Smooth familiar road not really
Icy slippery slope actually
And I ran down it
Lost angel
Fell right out of heaven
Landed on my teeth
Tongue bitten, broken
As my queen stood before me
And disowned me
Eyes teary
Her reality checked brutally
Dreams caught in a blitz
Bodycheck like
Stress fracture to her life
NFL type
We recovered
But were never the same...
Look up towards the skies sometimes
Wondering how the kingdom is doing
Wondering if a worthier king
Sits on the throne
Next to her
Working with time
To replace her memories of...of...
I still laugh every now and then
Definitely not as often
Miss doing it in unison
Tired of being a soloist
Doesn't sound the same
Sounds like sadness
So I practice avoidance
Until another queen
Invites me up the steps
To her solitary life
So we can share a few smiles
A few laughs
A few years...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On how a king must sometimes lose his queen in order to see her for what she is: a queen.

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