Untitled (Another lust poem)

A different kind of Kryptonian
Endowed with solar powered passion
I strive and struggle
Hurt and get hurt to write about it
Read it, think
Then call my boys and talk about it
Make love to dream about it
Replay scene after scene
Varying loud wet blissful endings
Wake up, give her a call
"I dreamt about you last night
You should come over
so I can tell you about it"
I've become a specialist at it...
Make them cum for all the wrong reasons
My viewing pleasure
Mind's hard drive immortalizes every second
"I'll remember you forever Love"
Want them to remember me
Flesh eating creature from nowhere
My lips and their center mesh perfectly
Sensitive endings greet each other agressively
A tussle for ultimate supremacy
My neck versus their hips
They lose
Orgasmic defeat...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem about lust
had fun writing it
i approached it a little differently though.
Feel free to comment.

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