Motherboard short circuit
Power outage
Peace of mind stops working
Conscience rising
Enlightenment of the worst kind
Horror sets in
Winter in The Cayman
Hurricane coming
Calls Best Man up
"What do I do?”
Best Man answers
“Be true to yourself"
Annihilation looming
Extinction of happiness
Lost himself before the first lie
She will now pay for it
Her innocent heart
Black hole vortex
Dreams sucked in
Aspirations sucked in
Joy of life sucked in
Suckered into a life with him
Eight years
Heartbreak of cosmic proportions…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Satori" is a term used in Zen Buddhism that means "sudden enlightenment"; i am neither a Buddhist or even a spiritual person
but i understand the many concepts of enlightenment; this piece is about an episode that would change me and the woman i was with at the time forever...
feel free to comment.

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