A Lonely Road

Walking on a lonely road
Two nomads walk on aimlessly
Waiting for the rain to stop
Two faces walk on shamelessly

Walking on to sunset valley
Until the sands of time persist
Winds on their backs, sun beating down
Both of them try to resist

The tree of life stands so tall
Watching them rise above
The system breaks the nature's back
They just need the final shove

So many other questions remain
To where these two will go
Contemplating life & death
The sun, the rain, the snow

The sight of every nothingness
The darkness in their souls
The alcohol that shapes their hearts
The smoke to fill the holes

They are like the ghosts in the machine
The ghosts that want to die
Like the shadows in the night
When humans want to cry

To take one final little breath
The last sound they will hear
The fortune favoured higher class
But fortune leads to fear

Their lives were once of luxury
Their tears were once of joy
While down below the people screamed
While the raven sits so coy

In the forest of the green
The weeping willow cries
They look into a lifeless stream
The river filled with lies

They see but only one more path
Their conscience stares right through them
"at once you must turn into chains
Deliver yourself from sin"

Their fate is sealed without a cry
No apple jacks here anymore
Their done. Their bust. Nowhere to go
With misery they pour

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Co-written with John Colt http://www.postpoems.org/authors/colt