Transfertel, Aloman Group Reach Agreement on Insurance Contract for Oil & Gas Exploration Project


Transfertel and Aloman Group have reached an agreement on an insurance contract in what looks like a major boost for Aloman in its bid to win an oil and gas exploration contract in Tehran, Iran. Aloman Group, headed by CEO Elham Zakaria had recently revealed its interest to compete for the project being bid for in Dallas, Florida, and California.

There is a huge financial stake in this with about $200, 000, 000 financial involvement. While the project is still in the bidding phase and expected to be implemented in the future (last quarter of the year), the Aloman Group is seen by many as a favorite to win considering its capability, resourcefulness, and the strategic partnership it enjoys with Elapath Energy, the issuing company.

This agreement with Transfertel further reinforces the position of Aloman Group in the race to win this drilling deal that’s expected to produce about 2.1 million barrels.

Aloman Group continues to strive for excellence

With about three decades of experience in upstream and downstream operations, Aloman Group started as an oil and gas supplier in the United Arab Emirates before expanding into the USA. While it’s now headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, USA the oil and gas firm has subsidiaries across Saudi Arabia, Iran, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria, Cyprus, and Pakistan.

Through its foreign affiliate ventures, Aloman Group boasts a sales network that stretches across Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, and Montenegro. Over the years, the Group has also operated in different positions as local sponsors and agents. It also enjoys a strategic partnership with various manufacturers and multinational contractors in the energy industry.

Aloman Group has come a long way since its establishment. The group now boasts a workforce of over 200 headcounts headed by Elham Zakaria as the CEO. But the current crop of leaders at the helm is not one to rest on past successes. According to Mr. Zakaria, the company is all set to take on this new challenge to bolster its impressive track record of outstanding service.

Elham Zakaria, Aloman Group’s CEO expresses confidence in the Group’s performance and capacity

[caption id="attachment_3975" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]Photo: Elham Zakaria, CEO of Aloman Group[/caption]

“Everything we’ve always done has been to improve reliability, integrity, safety, and performance with our service delivery. We are confident that this new partnership with Transfertel will also go a long way to boost our already impressive standing and particularly, the success of the oil and gas exploration project in Tehran”. Those words from Elham Zakaria reecho Aloman Group’s values and vision as outlined on the company’s website. It only makes sense that a company will stick to its values and culture to sustain growth for long-term success and that’s exactly how Aloman Group has been positioned to be with Zakaria and Co. at the helm.

Mr. Zakaria founded Aloman Group in 1990 as President and Chief Financial Officer. Today, as the Chief Executive Officer, he brings with him extensive experience acquired in the energy sector in different capacities. Prior to founding Aloman Group, Elham Zakaria had worked with Tacrom Services, a major player in the oil and natural gas industry in Romania. Today as the CEO of Aloman Group, he sits on the board of different companies such as the American Petroleum Institute. He was twice the chairman of All-American Wildcatters and currently serves as an Independent Consultant with Elapath Energy.

‘’Group’s knack for innovations and impressive track record will prove valuable’’ says Kim Powell, Executive Independent Contractor for Aloman Group

According to Kim Powell, the Group will be hoping to leverage its impressive track record for safety as well as its knack for innovations in not just winning this $200m deal but also in ensuring excellent delivery for the project.

Kim occupies a position as an independent contractor for Aloman Group. She brings to the table her experience and expertise as a prominent player within the oil and gas industry. Her resourcefulness and antecedents also represent a further boost for Aloman Group in handling the challenges that come with certain projects.

Taking on the million dollars challenge

From a wider perspective, Aloman Group boasts several teams of capable engineers and specialists working proactively together to cater to the diverse needs of every client and project. This contract is being sponsored by Elapath Energy, the same oil and gas giant with Travis Gregg as Chief Executive Officer.

As things stand, Aloman Group remains committed to the industry’s best practices while also maximizing value in terms of cost, quality, safety, delivery, and reliability. Thus, the company is able to offer high-quality and cost-efficient solutions when it matters most. With Transfertel now in the picture, Aloman Group’s standing is further bolstered. For a company on the verge of taking on this new two hundred million dollars challenge, Aloman Group is no doubt well-positioned to deliver and maximize value with this and subsequent high-value, highly-demanding projects.

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