Why do we wear a watch on the left hand?

We used to put the watch on the wrist of the left hand, but did you wonder why we did not get used to putting it in the right hand?

This tradition is due to a simple logical interpretation. The first designs of the clocks needed to be rotated by hand, so it was easier for the majority of the right hand to put them in the left hand to rotate them with the other hand. This is still the case today when most of the watches are automatic and no longer need to be manually rotated.

With the advent of smartwatches, it is easier for the majority that use the right hand to put the clock in the left hand and use it with the right hand especially that smart clocks are usually equipped with touch screens just like smartphones,

If the left-hand clock is practical for people using the right hand, the opposite is true for people who use the left hand and who feel more comfortable when wearing the watch in the right hand.

The profession and lifestyle also play a key role in wearing the watch with the left or right hand. Some handcrafts dictate the choice of one hand without the other to wear the watch. But if you are hesitant in this area, we advise you to test the right hand by putting the clock for the whole day in the left hand and transfer the next day to the right hand, comparing the two to choose the hand that feels more comfortable when you put the clock, regardless of tradition.

Choosing the right hand for the hour is considered in the case of women where the placement of jewelry and other accessories. If you like wearing large bracelets, you should put them in the hand that you do not use very much, and the watch will remain in the hand you are using. If you are an amateur, you can put them in the same hand.

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