Organizations role in healthcare 2019

Improving the quality of healthcare is complex. Frontline staff is often seen as the key to improving quality—for instance, by identifying where it can be improved and developing creative solutions. However, research and reviews of major healthcare scandals acknowledge the contributions of other stakeholders in improving quality, including regulators, policy makers, service users, and organizations providing Health Magazinewhich provide the best solution for health and healthcare.

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Policies on the role of organizations in improving quality have tended to focus on how they might be better structured or regulated. However, greater consideration is required of how organizations and their leaders can contribute to improving quality: organizations vary in both how they act to support improvement and the degree to which they provide high-quality healthcare.

Some earlier studies suggest that high performing organizations share several features reflecting the organizational commitment to improving quality. These include creating a supportive culture, building an appropriate infrastructure, and embedding systems for education and training. Subsequent reviews of quality inspections and reviews of evidence on factors influencing quality improvement, and board contributions13 indicate that organizational leadership is crucial in delivering high-quality care.

We discuss how organizational processes such as the development of a strategy and use of data can be used to drive improvement, the characteristics of organizations that are good at improvement, and what to consider when thinking about how organizations can help improve quality of healthcare and patient outcomes.

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