Not paranoid 2020

Personal World

Sometimes I feel like the last leaf on the tree, 

Hanging on by what’s left of my dignity. 

Knowing what’s right, but preparing for reproductions,

Oh how they’ve changed life’s little instructions. 

You must do this for the greater good,

Or we could threaten you with lethal injection with you in the hood...

I dislike having to deny authority

But must do what I believe. 

To face recriminations

Against the rest of the nation. 


My paranoia grows. 

It shows. 

Walking down the street,

New faces I’ll meet,

I can’t trust a single one. 

Or they could threaten my family, my daughter and son. 

I only want to feel safe

Fighting for what I believe

But so many sheep

Brings no relief. 

Emotionless faces

Empty spaces

It’s no existence,

Spoiling our children’s innocence. 


Here enters my next paranoia,

They’re out to get ya!

Not just me for my beliefs,

But my beautiful children for their looks. Thieves!

The ring of predators, the reptiles, the nasties. 

All out for what they can get, hurting any parties. 


When did the world get this complex?

It’s anyone’s guess!

I’ve just managed to open my eyes.

Can you also see their lies?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

See if you can work out what topics I'm approaching here... 

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