I wonder what my parents think

Heart shaped lips, a shade of pink

I wonder what my parents think

Their only daughter fell in love

There is no doubt to speak of


Dark brown hair, engaging eyes

There is no way to disguise

The love she has for the other

The eyes that make her heart flutter


Eyes that pier into the soul

The reason that she lost control

Hair that cascades in a wave

Bringing feelings she can't evade


She resists to no avail

Could this be a fairytale?

Am I the princess or the witch?

Maybe I am just the bitch


Tears fill eyes

As one girls cries

confused by feelings she cannot fight

It's only time before they come to light


Because they can never speak

The future for them is surely bleak

They never see eye-to-eye

Making her wonder, why try?


She grew fond of engaging eyes

It grew hard to wear a disguise

She'd never felt this way before

But her heart and her head were at constant war


But I guess we'll never know


You can't wrap this up with a bow

It's an ongoing fight within one's heart

One you'll never fight, if you're smart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem about love and overall sexual confusion. This is a poem I wrote two years ago. It's gone several rewrites over the years and I can't say I'm happy with it, but I feel it's one of my best as of yet. The words in italics are the thoughts of our heroine of sorts so be on the lookout for that. Other than that, please enjoy! Constructive criticism is welcome, as it always is.