The Never Changes

The Never Changes I can clearly see,

Which happens to be actions only revealed to me,

Til death do us part... "Yeah right," there was a

Reason I couldn't stand him from the start.

He has been treading my life apart,

Bit by bit, piece by piece, the asshole grinned

Behind his smiling teeth. Illusions or reality he just

Continues expecting more from me,

My heart and soul, enjoying the weeps of

Pain written down for the days of tomorrow's.

I don't see how this fool got this

Damn confused, than again he enguldges

In being amused, then onto the next leaving behind

Lingering feelings of being victimized and used.

Horrible, these never changes I can see,

There is only one thing that I can guarantee,

His moods swings from loving to hating

In a smitch of a glee leaving

You to be without harmony. Not to mention this

Is not my cup of tea, So to those out there

Who wants to take him from me, please do, take this

Weight off my hands for I know you don't

Have a clue. Yes I'm sorry, I carry guilt for the

Family that's supposed to be built,

Little did I know that our relationship was

Set up to tilt. Oh my, the never

Changes I can clearly see

And how I wish they would disappear,

Just let me be....

             Marcelina Flores



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