Sickened by my decision

Sickened by my own decision of my partner cuz all we end up having is collisions.... departure is where we're headed to, we contain love inside but only for a few moments then back to not knowing what to do. Caught up in a commitment handling verbal abuse everyday, yet I stand here being convicted as I bow down to pray to our Lord Christ. My beautiful glow became dimmed by those who hate the truth that's when I throw up the duce to move on except it's like I'm trapped in a spiders web. Withheld from freedom of decisions, expressing what's inside and kept in a viscous cycle of confusion. I would much rather not be so giving, become so cold to where I can freeze those who try to come close to me. "Jeeze" why do people go forward with fucking me over, not seeing that I'm just becoming bolder just by turning my shoulder to what is expressed. I've gone way too far in the stage of being depressed, I cannot save myself when others continue to press me down, instead of being a grown up mature enough to just turn around. I'm obligated to have to continue my life with a frown inside or physically, his appearance now is to pretend our relationship is just holy. Worst part of this male being is how he isn't satisfied with his life so all of his unhappiness is released on those weaker than him regardless the price to pay if it's allowed it, will continue everyday. I need to close my eyes, I need to just go away, I lie down in bed with tears and silently pray....

                                                                                                                 Marcelina Flores

                                                                                                                -April 16th, 2014-

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