Sacred Rope


Awkward conversations,
Sentences hanging in the balance,
Words left unsaid,
Only to be heard by the dead.

Why talk,
When no one hears,
Why listen,
When all you do is fear.

These simple things seem to take over your life,
Stabbing you in the heart,
hoping that you would die.

You hold onto your sacred rope,
Which now becomes evil,
Shaking you hard,
Trying to make you let go,
Make you fall,
Deep down,
Spiraling deep down,
Into a never ending black hole.

Why scream,
When no one can hear,
Why breathe,
When it won't last.

You feel there's nothing you can do,
You let go of the rope,
Hoping it's the answer.

You close your eyes,

You realize what you just did,
Left everyone who ever loved you,
Who ever really cared what happened to you.

You want back on your rope,
You think its better just to hold on,
Hoping that someone who loves,
Who cares for you,
Would lend a helping hand,
Bring you back to the real world,
Show you what you've missed,
And what you would've missed, if you have let go felling like there's nothing to live for.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on June 30th 2009.

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