Being Pushed Over the Edge and Enjoying Every Second of the Fall.

I'm being pushed over an edge,

it's a long way down.
Yet on my face, a smile is worn.
Not adorned with a frown.
I am happy to be here,
I truly am.
The free fall is lovely,
it's the waiting I can't stand.
I've waited on that ledge for forever and a day.
I've waited for years for temptation to give way.
With one fell swoop,
I was whisked off my feet.
I lost all my breath,
I think my heart even skipped a beat.
As I tried to gulp down my last breath,
I thought of the words, a wise man had once said.
"Don't look at the ground, for it's a long way down!"
So I did just that.
As I turned my body,
with all my might,
I spread my arms, as if to take flight.
As my body turned over,
I looked to the ground.
In that exact moment...
My home had been found.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first writing in a long, long time. As I start my first English course in college I felt inspired to create this piece, let me know your thoughts.

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