How to spend an offbeat holiday in Kuala Lumpur


How to spend an offbeat holiday in Kuala Lumpur


Yes, your itinerary to Kuala Lumpur may well be planned and decided already. But there’s no harm in ditching that for a day and trying something new, is it? Kuala Lumpur isn’t all shopping malls and street food. It has some very unique experiences to offer, especially if you are open to trying new things. If you said yes to that then here’s what you can do on one fine day in KL:


Pitch-dark dining: Go a step beyond candlelight dinners and visit the Dining in the Dark restaurant. The meals are served entirely in darkness and customers are encouraged to focus more on using all their other senses while having dinner. It is a culinary experience like no other and one that you must have at least once in your lifetime. This is really very funny and an experience one must have at least once in a life time. You are totally thrust in darknes. Trying to identify the flavours presented to you makes you appreciate how much we rely on our vision to amplify our other senses. It is here that we truly learn to appreciate our vision abilities. The venue is simply beautiful and the food served was also quite nice and served in western style. If you visit this place you must have some good company who can also experience the fun with you.




Take a walk in the sky: No, really. Take the Skytrex and climb up the rainforest tops and cross different obstacles at least 22 metres high up in the air. This is an adrenaline-filled activity that will let you take in the best views of Malaysia’s skyline. This place is fun and scenic as well. You can explore all Malaysia from higher views. It is a perfect outing full of adventure for the entire family, though it can be slightly exhausting.


Travelling to and from Kuala Lumpur is quite convenient since it is a major bus terminal and express buses are the preferred mode of transport here. Tickets for which can be booked online from


Visit Redang


Among the country’s most popular destinations for diving and snorkelling, you will find yourself lost in the beauty of its powdery white beaches on land and the teeming variety of aquatic life in the sea – jelly fish, baby sharks, and the ‘Nemo’ or clown fish. Jungle treks through its dense interiors are also popular.


Sights in the City: Kuala Lumpur


Of course the best and most vibrant city in Malaysia is its capital, Kuala Lumpur. From the world famous Petronas Towers, to the Old Railway Station, this heaving metropolis is a melting pot of cultures. Its Chinese, Malay, and Indian population makes it a vibrant and diverse hub where you can explore museums, art galleries, watch traditional shows, go shopping in its malls and street markets and eat to your heart’s content. The city is also well known for its nightlife – a place where the party never stops.




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