Things to do during the holidays: 10 ideas for the active and the lazy

How to spend a long weekend? What to do if there is no snow and do not want to go outside? Pink has collected training options for outdoor enthusiasts and couch potatoes.
We are waiting for the winter holidays, but we can not always go on vacation. You can plan in advance how interesting and pleasant it is to spend the New Year week if this year you stay at home.
Chat with loved ones
Vacations are the right time to visit friends and family you haven't been able to meet with for a year. You can arrange a theme party - a carnival, a board games tournament or a culinary celebration, where you can make dumplings together, cook sushi or bake magic cookies with predictions. You can go on a visit yourself - this is an occasion to dress up, give a gift and just go for a walk. You can also get out with your family and friends to a new exhibition, premiere of a film or a performance.
To clean up
You can use your free time to clean up. Try to set aside a day to take apart cabinets and set aside the things you want to leave. You can collect ready-made images from them so that on weekdays in the morning you don’t think about what to wear and understand what is missing in the wardrobe. While there is free time, take pictures of boring clothes and shoes and post pictures on thematic sites for sale. Or donate these items to charities. You can also have a swap party and exchange things with friends to find the missing details for your own new “bows”. The most energetic can continue to clutter up and arrange a spring cleaning to get rid of unnecessary things, and change the interior by moving furniture.
Go for a walk
In addition to the usual walks in the parks, try to arrange a walking tour of unusual and interesting places. You can create your own route or choose a guided walk. Such an excursion will help to see the city from an unexpected angle, to learn historical facts and urban legends.
You can go to New Year's fairs, try sweets and hot drinks and buy beautiful and unusual things for a cozy home decor. Or arrange a winter picnic with friends in the park, grabbing a thermos with warming tea, and organize a fun holiday photo shoot.
Catch up
During the year, we often put off books or films for later, because we do not find time for them. During the holidays, there is the opportunity to return to the list or re-read and revise something long-loved. You can put in a row all the series of an interesting series, listen to the musical premieres of the year or completely immerse yourself in reading. In addition, many publications by the New Year make selections of the best new products in music, cinema and literature, so the list can be supplemented. Or just watch a free xxx videos.
Arrange outdoor activities
Artificial ice rinks and indoor ski slopes give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite winter sports in the absence of snow. In addition, you can try unusual entertainment : spend a day at the water park, fly in a wind tunnel, go bowling or billiard room, go through a quest, play a laser tag or go to the space station. And when the snow falls, you can ride a sled, make a snowman or make a snow angel.
Spend a beauty day
Photo: noah buscher / unsplash
Try to choose a day for home spa treatments - take a bath with foam and aromatic salts, do masks for hair, face and hands, massage, have an aromatherapy session. You can turn beauty day into a meeting with friends - combine beauty treatments with a pajama party, experiment with hairstyle and makeup options , exchange things, watch your favorite movies, chat and cook a tasty and healthy dinner.
Recall romance
Try something new with your loved one or remember the previous common hobbies, go to a movie or theater together, take a walk or have a romantic dinner. Free days are an occasion to freshen up relationships , chat, flirt and charm each other again. For those who are looking for a couple, holidays can be a time for romantic meetings. You can try to start the new year by registering on a dating and dating site. And holidays are a chance to meet new people, for example, having got out in a cafe, at a big party, going on an excursion or an ice rink.
Write a letter
You can recall the tradition of paper postcards and letters and send congratulations or a news story to friends and relatives who do not use e-mail. And also try to write a letter to yourself, setting goals and plans for next year, noting everything that has been done and what I would like to achieve. This message can be sealed and stored until the next year to check what and how to implement and what happened even better than you expected.
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