How to transport furniture


For each family, furniture transportation is one of the most troublesome events, requiring considerable efforts, including nervous ones. After all, a sofa or kitchen set that costs a lot of money must be transported as carefully as possible without causing visible damage, and this is a very difficult task. Especially if you have to carry furniture along narrow stairwells, which is what you most often need to do. But even if it is a small bedside table that fits entirely in the elevator, the task of ensuring integrity is not simplified, and this is only the first stage. Actually transportation of furniture also requires knowledge of certain rules, without which the chances of taking it to its destination are significantly reduced. So this operation only at first glance seems simple. And since you have to deal with this quite often, knowing the nuances of furniture transportation will not be superfluous. Rules for the transport of furniture. 

Furniture Transportation Rules 

In principle, this service can be ordered from professionals. Its cost is not so high as to consider it inaccessible to most people. But if there is an opportunity to save money, you are unlikely to take advantage of it. True, the presence of a sufficient number of people is not a guarantee that the transported items will not lose their original appearance during transportation, so it is advisable to know and be able to use the basic rules regarding the transportation of all the main types of furniture in practice. 

Preparatory stage 

So, if you have to move and the accompanying transportation of furniture, you need to prepare it for difficult trials. The preparatory stage includes the following work: 

  1. removal of accessories (handles, brackets, pull-out mechanisms), which fits into a bag with the corresponding marking, so that then nothing is confused during assembly; 

  2. the dismantling of shelves and their packaging in cardboard containers - this will greatly facilitate the process of moving furniture, which will become much easier; 

  3. Glass elements and mirrors should be handled with particular care. 

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If it is possible to parse large and massive elements, you should use it, but only if you have the appropriate skills and a quality tool - otherwise you risk damaging them. When packing furniture or its individual parts, you can use a variety of packaging materials - foam, bubble wrap, special paper or soft corrugated cardboard. In extreme cases, you can use fabric, which is almost an obligatory element of packaging when transporting antiques . 

There are certain rules and features regarding the placement of interior items in the vehicle used for their transportation. Compactness here, although it is considered an important criterion, is far from the only one - special attention should be paid to reliable fixation of furniture, which should not move when shaking, risking collision with adjacent parts or sides of the car. If there is inclement weather in the yard, care must be taken to prevent snow or rain from falling onto wooden surfaces. Moisture-proof packaging in this case will not be enough, you need to choose a car with a tented body. 

There are certain requirements for both carrying and loading and unloading. There are nuances regarding the transportation of cabinet and antique furniture.

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